Steven Tyree, MA, MS, LAMFT

Marriage & Family Therapy Associate

Christian Family Institute, Bowling Green, KY

Relationships are the heart of our human experience but many of us struggle to relate. We get overwhelmed with external conflicts and internal battles. 

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or conflicts in relationships you need not struggle alone. Steven offers an empathetic ear to guide his clients out of negative cycles and into positive rhythms. 

Steven views his practice through the lens of Systems and Attachment Theory. 

His training in Emotionally Focused Therapy allows him to help even the most escalated couples.

Steven's collaborative and non-judgmental approach provides a safe place for his clients. Utilizing his MA in Communications, MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, and over twenty-five years of Pastoral Ministry, he leads clients in the discovery of deep primary emotions that lie beneath secondary behavior. Steven is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

There is HOPE. 

Regardless of what has occurred in the past; tomorrow can be a brand new day. 

Contact Steven to set up an appointment and get started on a new life giving path. 

Remember God loves us even when we don't love ourselves.




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